This year´s  second edition of SIMA is dedicated to Free Probability and will include mini-courses, conferences and a poster session.

SIMA's first 2017 edition took place in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa. Information of this edition in Spanish is available HERE and about previous events you can find it HERE.

Nowadays, random matrices and free probability are two relevant, active and vigorous topics in mathematical research, as shown by the growing number of conferences on them and their history, as well as a considerable amount of applications to challenging problems in other disciplines such as wireless communication systems, statistics, physics, financial mathematics, biology and neural networks, among others.

For more information about this topics, click HERE

The program includes  mini-courses, invited talks and a poster session.

Confirmed Speakers

Marwa Banna, Saarland University
Philippe Biane, Institut Gaspard Monge UMR CNRS, Université Paris-Est
Mario Díaz, Queen´s University
Ken Dykema, Texas A&M University
Franz Lehner, TU Graz
Camille Male, Université de Bordeaux
Paulo Manrique,  Conacyt-UNAM
Alexandru Nica, University of Waterloo
Isaac Pérez Castillo, IFUNAM.
José Luis Pérez Garmendia, CIMAT.
Miguel Angel Pluma, Saarland University
Noriyoshi Sakuma, Aichi University of Education
Kamil Szpojankowski, Warsaw University of Technology
Pierre Tarrago, CIMAT
Carlos Vargas Obieta, CIMAT
Josué Vazquez, Universidad de Queen´s
Sheng Yin, Saarland University


Organizing Committee

Octavio Arizmendi Echegaray (CIMAT)
Víctor Pérez Abreu Carrión (CIMAT)
Francisco Torres Ayala (Facultad de Ciencias de la UNAM)



Privacy Policy and Personal Data Handling (in Spanish)